Biophilic Design is an innovative way of designing positive spaces where we live, work, and learn. We have always instinctively tried to imitate nature by bringing the outside inside.

Enabling improved health and well being by creating
positive living and work space interior environments.
Designed to inspire positive change in
living and work space interiors.
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Michaela has spent a lifetime working with textiles, taking inspiration from the natural world to develop handcrafted products from natural materials with minimal environmental impact…



Our products are designed to enhance your interior environment as well as providing practical solutions to promote a sense of wellbeing in your space.  We take our design inspirations from nature, use material and processes with minimal environmental impact all with a view to improving your experience of your particular interior space… READ MORE >>



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Blue Bamboo is a forward thinking and inspiring studio that focuses on health and wellbeing, a key direction in design at the moment. Combining eco-friendly materials such as cork, with innovative design techniques creates products that go beyond aesthetics to enhance our experiences.

Sally Angharad ,Design Writer, Colour & Trend Consultant, Creative Speaker

Your work and biophilic inspiration looks great – and I’m delighted to see that the ideas within this ethos are being explored in other ways beyond architecture and interiors. Keep up the great work and inspiration!

Oliver Heath, Architect, Interior Designer and Biophilic Design Expert

Blue Bamboo’s work manages to tie together the important ingredients of wellbeing and nature with art and design. The outcome works on so many levels. It is so nice to see work that delivers on both performance and creativity, very impressive.

Richard Collins, Green Organisation & Branding Consultant at Ecobrand