Designing environmentally friendly products to enhance your interior space.

Our brand is about providing bespoke interior products which are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.    Using natural materials we produce wall coverings, tiles or textiles to use as room dividers specific for your space.  We collaborate with clients to ensure that the end product is exactly what is expected.  Using cork, wood and wool felt, all of which have acoustic and thermal properties, our products are sustainable and eco-friendly.

Our philosophy

To understand our clients’ requirements to deliver bespoke interior solutions with minimal environmental impact.

Our mission statement

To improve the experience of interior environment, wherever that may be.

Our vision

To bring your interior space to life, to promote a sense of wellbeing and enabling you to thrive

Why Blue Bamboo

Bamboo is viewed as a symbol of traditional chinese values.
It is an example of the harmony between nature and human beings.


Thoughtful – To build confidence and trust in our services, which improves the client relationship and outcomes.
Quality – To ensure that quality and integrity runs through everything we do.
Passion – Passionate about transforming interior spaces and people.
Caring – To provide products and services which enhance the interior environment and promote wellness.
Innovative – To challenge the ordinary delivering dynamic and innovative solutions, to continuously innovate by listening, learning and watching.
Flexibility – To always provide a unique and flexible approach to all of our customers requirements.
Inclusivity – To involve and listen to my customers who are open to new ideas and want to improve the interior environment for their own clients/employees.
Value – To deliver a quality product for a realistic price.
Personal – To always be hands on delivering hand finished bespoke products that delight our customers.

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