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Biophilic Design is an innovative way of designing positive spaces where we live, work, and learn.

Biophilia and Biophilic Design have recently become the new buzzwords in the design of the urban environment. First coined by Eric Fromm a social psychologist in 1964, it came to prominence when E O Wilson, a Harvard Biologist, described biophilia as “humans innate desire to connect with the natural environment.” Its literal translation is ‘a love of nature”.

In recent times we have swopped our natural habitat to one that degrades the environment and alienates us from nature. Yet we have an intrinsic and genetic connection to the natural world built up through thousands of years of living in natural settings.

Biophilic design aims to reconnect people inhabiting the modern built environment with the natural world. By using certain shapes, forms, patterns, textures and colours designs can mimic those found in nature.  Research has shown that this strategy reduces stress, blood pressure levels and heart rates.

Imagine a world where patients heal faster in hospitals, where school children’s test scores are higher, where office workers are more productive, and communities thrive. Biophilic Design points the way towards creating healthy and productive habitats for modern humans.

‘In order to thrive, humans should be surrounded by nature and the lack of nature causes suffering’.

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