How are you feeling today? Stressed? Overwhelmed with work? Relationship problems? Financial burdens? All of these can contribute to poor mental health.  There are many reports supporting the theory that restoring our connection with nature improves our psychological wellbeing.   Glenn Albrecht, an Australian sustainability professor has coined the term psychoterratica to describe the trauma caused by the lack of connection to nature. His up and coming book, due to be published in May by Cornell University Press “Earth Emotions; New Words for a New World” expands on this lexicon.

Whilst many of us would love to be outside taking our nature fix on a daily basis, that’s just not always possible in today’s world. Blue Bamboo Design aims to promote the use of nature through the use of biophilic design to reduce stress, promote happiness and productivity and help us cope with the demands of modern-day life.  Want to know more?  Drop us a line at