Different colours influence our perceptions and behaviour. Colour can be emotional, stimulating or calming.

In my design work, colour is one of the most important factors.  I only use natural dyes and environmentally friendly wood stains, thus minimising any harm to the planet.

Colour is an essential part of everyday life.  It can affect our senses – taste, touch and even hearing. We are probably all aware that our surroundings influence our emotions and state of mind.  Certain colours are especially relaxing and calming, others can be exciting or stimulating.

There are four psychological primary colours – red, blue, yellow and green.  Red is warm and positive, associated with our physical needs, blue is the colour of the mind and is essentially soothing, yellow is emotional and relates to optimism and creativity, green is the balance colour between these three.

When creating my biophilic designs, I consider what colours would be most beneficial in a particular installation.  For example, if the need is for a calming, restorative place I will choose pale shades of blues and greys, if it’s a more active environment, I will bring in touches of yellow and orange. Creativity is best achieved when the mind is calm and using colours strategically can bring new ideas to the fore.