I recently had a conversation with Alys Bryan of Design Insider to talk about the concept of Creative Consciousness.

Creative Consciousness is a range of surfaces with acoustic properties designed to enhance the work environment. These surfaces can be used for wall panels, wall coverings, screens and privacy pods.  Made from cork, one of the world’s most naturally sustainable materials, wood and wood felt, the materials are coloured using natural plant dyes and environmentally sensitive wood stains.

This image shows hand cut birch ply, treated with Liberon Liming wax, with cork fabric painted with environmentally sensitive wood stains. Placing several of these components together forms a screen or room divider. Alternatively the shapes can be placed on a wall.  Not only will this create an aesthetically pleasing surface, but will assist in reducing noise levels.  Aimed mainly at the workplace, other applications could include retail, education and hospitality industries.