Cork fabric painted with grey woodstain on the front and orange on the back.

“There is no blue without yellow and without orange”. Vincent Van Gogh.  New colour studies for wall coverings, wall hangings and screens.

Scientific studies have shown that colours do not simply change our moods; they also profoundly impact our productivity. In our modern society, many people spend a great deal of time in enclosed rooms – whether at school, home or work. Creating a stimulating or calming space through biophilic design and the use of carefully selected colours can enhance motivation and wellbeing.

Playing with patterns, shapes and colours to produce surfaces made of felt, cork and cork fabric.

The psychological effects of colours in a workplace are an important consideration when creating a stimulating and restorative environment. As more companies adopt open-plan layouts and undertake team-bonding activities to improve employee morale, many offices remain woefully dull when it comes to the use of colour in the workplace.

When designing my biophilic wallhangings, panels and room dividers, I use a selection of colours to motivate and spark creativity or to create a calming and stress-free space for rest and contemplation during the working day.

Wall panel of cork and cork fabric, using the colours grey, lilac and yellow.