Plywood is often an integral part of my biophilic designs. This very versatile wood has been used in furniture and building design since the 1900s.

These pentagons, which can be mixed and matched to create privacy pods, wall coverings and screen dividers, use sustainable, naturally-sourced hand cut plywood.  The pentagons are then treated with Liberon liming wax until the desired colour and sheen is achieved. The cork fabric is coloured with environmentally sensitive wood stains in a variety of colours. One hundred per cent wool felt may also be used, which is coloured using natural dyes.

The latest exhibition at the V & A in London, ‘Plywood – Material of the Modern World’, celebrates the use of plywood in various designs from as early as 1875.

Plywood and fibre acoustics products are frequently used in theatres and auditoriums to provide low frequency reverberation control. Timber acoustic panelling will often use holes or slots to increase the amount of sound absorption, essentially breaking up the energy of the soundwave. By breaking up the sounds, the echoes are reduced. My work at Blue Bamboo design is aimed at improving the acoustic quality of an interior building in order to reduce the stress of excessive noise.