We offer a range of bespoke solutions specific for your space.

In our work we use natural and sustainable materials such as wood, cork and wool felt. These materials are eco-friendly and have thermal and acoustic properties, perfect for dampening noise levels in busy areas.  Our laser cut cork fabric and wood veneers can be used as space dividers to provide privacy in large areas.  We can colour match to your interior scheme by using environmentally friendly wood stains.  Our tiles are made from granular cork sometimes with with a laser cut covering, allowing for manipulation of shapes providing surface variety and additional sound absorption

Product styles:


Tiles are made from granular cork, cork fabric and possibly wood. Some are designed to form a mosaic.

Wall hangings/Screening

Made from cork fabric. These can be suspended against a wall, or from the ceiling either horizontally or vertically. Can also be tailored to fit a free standing frame.

3D Wall Coverings

Our 3D wall coverings are modular – any number can be made depending on the surface to be covered.  The possibilities are endless using either natural woods such as oak, cherry, walnut (to name a few) to an infinite selection of veneers. These are handcrafted in our Oxfordshire studio.   Get in touch to know more!